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AcroYoga with Cristina Ortega and Pablo Milian by David Tufino Six Relationship Goals from an AcroYoga Couple August 23, 2016 by TryBelle Magazine Posted in: Inspiration, Yoga - When Cristina Ortega met Pablo Milian, Yoga met Acro.  During a photo shoot in Miami’s South Pointe Park the first introduction was made, and as Cristina says, “the rest is history.”  Being a yogi for five years, the transition to AcroYoga was natural for Cristina after she met Pablo, who she credits with teaching her ... Continue Reading
Eleonora Zampatti in Ode to the Moon Leggings - Feature Image Eleonora Rises Again with Ode to the Moon August 19, 2016 by Eleonora Zampatti Posted in: Giveaways, Inspiration, Yoga - “The moon understands what it means to be human.  Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.”  I remember the first time I read this quote from the poem, Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.  I was on the F train and it was late at night, I was coming back from Brooklyn after a long day at work ... Continue Reading
Mukul Resort Nicaragua Yoga Retreat The Beauty of Being at Mukul Resort Nicaragua August 16, 2016 by TryBelle Magazine Posted in: Travel, Yoga - Nestled luxuriously among the cliffs and tall palms on Nicaragua’s emerald coast is a beautiful secret just waiting to be discovered - Mukul Resort.  This gem offers 37 guest accommodations built with nature and Nicaragua’s natural surroundings in mind.  From artisanal furnishings to expansive glass windows that bring generous seascapes into view, every detail is ... Continue Reading
How to use your imagination to live a healthier life How to Get Healthier Using Visualization August 9, 2016 by Rich Tweten Posted in: Fitness - I’m about to guide you through an exciting and fun journey inside your imagination. What once was the impossible dream is now going to become very real as you visualize exactly how your new body is going to look and feel after using an effective exercise and nutrition plan for only 90 days.  By visualizing the target and ... Continue Reading
Chianti Vineyards - A Slow Travel Experience with Km Zero Tours A Slow Travel Love Affair in Tuscany July 27, 2016 by TryBelle Magazine Posted in: Travel, Yoga - When Arianna Cini took over the 13th century family stone house rental, she along with her Sommelier husband Alessio, created a slow travel love affair in Tuscany.  Together their project Km Zero Tours is about savouring the Tuscan experience in a relaxed rhythm that unfolds into spell-binding memories to be treasured for a lifetime. “We ... Continue Reading
Reiki and Shifted Thinking Create a Path to Healing Reiki and Empowered Thinking Create a Path to Healing July 25, 2016 by Katie Abraham Comello Posted in: Health - One of my favorite quotes is, “The day you decide that you are more interested in being aware of your thoughts than you are in the thoughts themselves, that is the day you will find your way out.”  I don’t know where it originated from so I don’t know who to give credit to for ... Continue Reading
Well and Company Embrace the Day Review Article Wake Well and Embrace the Day with Quercetin July 19, 2016 by TryBelle Magazine Posted in: Giveaways, Health, Reviews - According to Dr. Mark Davis, Professor of Nutritional Physiology at the University of South Carolina, “Quercetin could be one of the most important discoveries in nutrition.”  Found naturally in blueberries, onions, apples and red wine, this nutrient includes “powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, as well as the ability to boost the immune system and increase ... Continue Reading
Setting Intentions in Yoga by Anne Smith Barefoot and Thankful Setting Intentions in Yoga Brings Purpose July 16, 2016 by Anne Smith Posted in: Inspiration, Yoga - I never really understood the purpose of setting intentions in yoga. Well, more so I guess I understood the concept but I did not know how to (really) benefit from this type of practice. I remember one of the first more real yoga classes I experienced, the teacher set the intention as ‘letting go’, I ... Continue Reading
Padmasana Lotus Pose by Amanda Jo Find Stillness with Padmasana July 15, 2016 by TryBelle Magazine Posted in: Yoga - Padmasana or Lotus Pose requires stillness of mind and body.  In this yoga pose we fold the legs and rest the feet facing upwards on the opposing thighs.  Bringing our hands together or resting them in Gyan Mudra on our knees pulls the energy towards us and allows us to centre ourselves as we move ... Continue Reading
Gandabherundasana Chin Stand by Nikki Possibilities Powerful Gandabherundasana takes Humility July 15, 2016 by TryBelle Magazine Posted in: Yoga - Gandabherundasana or Chin Stand is an advanced and intimidating yoga pose that comes with gradual practice, but is extremely releasing once achieved.  Also known as Formidable Face Pose, this is one of the more complex yoga poses that should be only be attempted after years of practice with less advanced preparatory poses such as Sirasana ... Continue Reading

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