Giving up my Airhead isn’t easy. That feeling when you’re out on your SUP board, paddling across the blue water, there is nothing that beats it. What makes standup paddleboarding even easier is using an inflatable paddleboard from Airhead SUP.  And now we’re giving it away!

I was sceptical about inflatables, unsure if they’d be firm enough to stand up on, let alone do yoga.  Unsure if they’d offer the same stability on moving water.  And worried about having to spend hours pumping it up on a hot beach.


Well, all concerns were put aside as soon as I unwrapped my beautiful new Airhead Fit 1032 iSUP that comes in a zippered mesh carry bag.  The Airhead Super High Pressure Air Pump is battery operated, and plugs directly into your car for quick and complete inflation.

AirHead SUP Fit1032 Paddleboard


Airhead logo


Airhead High Pressure Air Pump








Also available is the Airhead Super High Pressure Hand Pump which is equally great and works fast to complete the job if needed.

With my paddle in hand, and the Airhead SUP Crunchy Board Leash connecting me to my board I was off.



The lake was pristine that day, flat as glass and blue as the Caribbean.  With the warmth of the sunshine bouncing off my shoulders I knew I needed to do some yoga.


This board held up to tonnes of fitness fun. It was completely stable as I moved between asanas.  The length and width of the Airhead Fit 1032 iSUP allows for a complete Surya Namaskar.


Extending into a full plank was a piece of cake, with plenty of room to move around on this 10’6” x 32”board. And when the board is inflated to its optimal level, you have full and complete stability, allowing you to focus on your poses and yourself.  The top of the board is perfectly designed with a built-in traction pad to inhibit slippage, and feels super secure beneath your feet.

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The durability and portability of Airhead inflatable SUP boards make them a gift to paddleboarders everywhere.  Imagine summer road trips with your paddleboard tucked neatly in the trunk of your car.  Imagine flying to the Bahamas with your SUP in your suitcase. Imagine walking down the road to the beach for a SUP session with friends.  At only 27 lbs. this board is light enough for travel fun anywhere your adventurous heart desires.

A rugged Canadian beach perfect for Supping

We all tried out the board before we let our fitness model get out there, and what a great day we had, out in the sunshine on a rugged Canadian beach.  In fact, there were a few skirmishes, and we had to time our usage in order to keep things fair – hashtag grown women acting like airheads.

And guess who got the most paddle time out there on our Airhead.


The Airhead Fit 1032 iSUP is definitely a board to fight over.  It glides along waterways for touring, is great for relaxing with the anchor in place, and handles our fitness adventures adeptly.  The hardest part is letting it go, but we want you to experience the joy of being out there on your very own Airhead standup paddleboard.

Girl fun

Photo: Cristina Ortega

So we are giving away this very board and all the accessories that come with it to one lucky reader.

Your Prize Package Includes:


AirHead SUP Giveaway

Airhead Fit 1032 iSUP (Inflatable Paddleboard)

Airhead Super High Pressure Air Pump

Airhead Super High Pressure Hand Pump

Airhead SUP Crunchy Board Leash

Airhead SUP Anchor Kit

Airhead Fibreglass SUP Paddle

The total value of this prize package is US $1,488.96 and it could be yours absolutely free thanks to the generosity of Airhead SUP!

The Giveaway is now Closed.

The Winner is:

Andy Waters


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