One of the best parts of writing for a digital magazine is the connections you make with people all over the world.  The ability to hear their stories, give them a voice, and share someone’s ideology or journey with a greater audience is an indulgence I eagerly devour.

The love of Yoga, a passion to be active while grounding ourselves mind and body, is practiced by people from every country on our planet.  The benefits are lengthy and the practice itself asks for so little and gives so much in return, sometimes rewarding us in ways we can’t even imagine.  Yoga helped Mariana Masetto find her voice, now she wants to help you find yours.


Mariana Marsetto Your Voice Has Body


Mariana is a writer, musician, composer and teacher from Argentina.  Even at her young age, she has already successfully released 4 albums which have received accolades and nominations that reinforce her passion and drive.


Mariana Masetto Our Voice Has Body

Mariana Masetto in Studio Your Voice Has BodyMariana Marsetto Your Voice Has Body


When she’s not teaching music workshops she’s studying yoga and reflexology.

Her most recent endeavor involved combining her love of music with the practice of yoga in her book called, “Our Voice Has Body.”  A teacher of music and a lover of the benefits of yoga she decided to combine her two passions. Originally written in Spanish, and now available in English, we have read the book cover to cover and are excited to share it with you.


Mariana Masetto Our Voice Has Body book reivew


Coming from a musical background myself, I can tell you how easy it is to lose your voice, getting caught up in fear and expectation.  Mariana addresses the repercussions of tension and illustrates the importance of breathing, focusing and letting go.  This can be applied to any challenge we are facing in our daily lives and careers.  Yoga encourages balance, of our emotions and our physique, whether we are looking to reduce strain on our vocal chords or other areas of our body, this theory can be applied with great success.

And, you don’t have to be a musician to take something away from this book.


Mariana Masetto Your Voice Has Body


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Our Voice Has Body” is broken down into 5 parts.  The first, consisting of 7 chapters, focuses on warming up – filled with illustrations and breakdowns of basic poses.  These poses include the mountain and triangle pose.

One of the key components of Part One is the idea that by adding movement to our performances we are provided with a distraction from our emotions, allowing us to step away from our thoughts.  Opening our minds to greater possibilities and personal growth.


Mariana Marsetto Our Voice Has Body Book Review


We also learn that when faced with stress one of the body’s initial reactions will occur in our diaphragm.  The importance of practicing our breathing and increasing our flexibility will also encourage improved adaptably to any circumstance.  Vocalists and performers will learn to relax the diaphragm during performances which can also be applied to our daily lives.


Mariana Masetto Our Voice Has Body Book Review


Who hasn’t felt the pressure of a big presentation or the fear of failure at one point or another, in their personal or professional lives?  Mariana teaches us how to keep our cool under pressure thanks to basic yoga poses combined with vocal exercises.


Mariana Masetto doing yoga and singing


Part Two explores higher intensity poses such as the popular Warrior pose.  By increasing strength and upping the ante we strive towards challenging our bodies while adding a vocal component.  Mariana introduces the use of props to assist with holding poses longer, increasing flexibility and agility.

Throughout the book, we also receive an anatomy lesson, with a theory that every part of our body is connected to our emotional well-being.  She goes on to explain that even our imagination plays an important role in reaching parts of the body otherwise inaccessible.

Part Three explores restorative poses including the Bound Angle and The Garland Pose or squatting position.

Part Four includes 3 chapters focusing on “Unusual poses for singing” including the pose of absolute relaxation (yes please) and partial inversion with legs against the wall, allowing for self-emergence.

Readers will enjoy the self-assessments at the end of every chapter, with space to write your reflections for easy reference later.


Mariana Masetto Our Voice Has Body book review


The final 2 chapters summarize the importance of our respiratory rhythm and the power of listening to our voice.

Mariana leaves us with a lot to digest, an ideology that many of us may not have considered.  If you love yoga, like we do, you will appreciate her sincere adulation of this ancient practice and her unique perspective on how we too can find our voice.


Mariana Masetto Our Voice Has Body book review


You can find out more about Mariana and follow her journey at  The book can be purchased at

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