Meditation is a means for transforming the mind. It develops concentration, clarity and emotional positivity.  You can scientifically rewire your mind and thoughts in a positive way.  While meditating, portions of your brain like the amygdala, which is responsible for fight or flight responses, slow down so that you can calmly observe situations instead of reacting in anger.  The grey matter in your pre-frontal cortex, which oversees problem-solving and emotional regulation, thickens.  You can literally change the plasticity of your brain through meditation.  All you have to do is sit still in your silence and breathe.  But what happens when you stop that flow, when you cut off the circulation of meditation or mindfulness in your life?


Meditation and Mindfulness


I’ve been guilty of completely cutting off the circulation flow in my meditation and mindfulness practice. I make excuses and rationalize my actions, knowing that in times of extreme chaos is when I need meditation the most.  Yet I continue to follow the same unhealthy patterns.  This is called conditioning.


I know about conditioning, and I know I need to break those patterns.  I also know that the simple and most effective way to do so is to simply stay in the flow. So, why don’t I?  It’s not as easy as you would think.  I sometimes lose that flow.  In turn, I lose my inner-glow, my self-awareness, my self, and my clarity along the way. The circulation just isn’t there.


In the physical sense the movement of blood through the heart and around the body is circulation.  Your body needs this steady supply to stay alive.  When circulation is cut off in the body that same blood that was free flowing is unable to move around, and the cells in that area begin to die off. This can cause the loss of fingers, toes and more.  Much like effective circulation of blood flow in your body is an absolute necessity to your health, meditation and mindfulness circulation is essential to your mental well being and sense of wellness.


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When you stop the flow to your brain, it’s essentially the same as cutting off the circulation to your fingers and toes; cells begin to die. Thoughts become muddy. Clarity decreases, stress increases.  This causes the loss of calmness, decreases mental focus, and emotional stability, and much more.


Meditation and The Gap Deepak Chopra


Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra speak of a term called The Gap.  The paradox is that you’re not supposed to really know that you’re in The Gap while meditating, and once you ask yourself, “Am I in the gap?”  You’re already out of it again!  That gap is the space between thoughts. The place where your mind is clear, free and full of universal divinity.  It’s the place you go to clean your thoughts and clear out space.  It’s like a spiritual decluttering.   And let me tell you, when you’ve experienced it, you want it again and again and again. When you’re in The Gap, you’re in the flow. When you’re in the flow, everything is circulating at the highest level of health and wellness.


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Let’s get you back into the flow and circulation with these five tips:

  1. Be aware, not scared.

Allow yourself to simply be aware. Ask yourself, “Am I in or out of the flow?”  If you’re in, awesome. If you’re out, next step.


  1. Circle back to what feels best.

What feels best for you to get you back into that flow? Meditation? Mindfulness? Yoga? Do that. Stick to it.


  1. Keep it up honey!

21 days is what is thought to be the right amount of time to crystalize action into habit. Find what feels best and do that for 21 days.


  1. Write or wrong?

Do you love writing? Ever tried automatic writing? I have. It’s great! I write the word, love, love, love, love, love, over and over on as many pages as possible, until I get messages from the Universe, God, The Divine, whatever you believe in.  It’s a fantastic way of getting back into the flow, and slowing down the mind.


  1. Be gentle and kind.

Be gentle with yourself.  Out of the flow? Been busy? Had some challenges?  It’s okay.  Be gentle and kind to yourself and simply allow yourself to come back to what you know works in your own time, when you are ready.   Meditation and mindfulness can never be forced. They must be experienced with non-judgment and joy.


Using these five tips will help you get back into the flow, tap back into your own energy and increase your mental circulation.

How do you stay in the flow?