Reality TV works on a standard scripted formula, and popular ABC shows The Bachelor and Bachelorette are no different.  Bachelor Nation is addicted to the show because it creates the good guys against the bad guy routine, all with an end result to win the coveted prize, which is much more than just roses. It also helps that The Bachelor legitimises our need to indulge in an inordinate amount of wine drinking on a Monday evening with our female friends.  But what happens when the reality of your life is not reality at all.  What if reality really isn’t a bed of roses.

Take for example this season’s villain Chad Johnson.  Portrayed as an over indulgent omnivore with an affinity to chomp down raw vegetables and pump iron all day long.  With food falling out of his mouth and fists flailing, he appears to be a brute with a penchant for violence, and an inability to co-exist with anyone else in the Bachelor house.

Chad was sent home by Jojo, much to the disdain of us hardened Bachelor fans, who thrive on the “most dramatic” moments of the show, week after week.  Even though sometimes those dramatic moments are edited much differently in the commercial snippets preceding the episodes.

In the most recent aired episode, James’ bloody brush with death during Football that was made to look like carnage by Chad the butcher, actually turned out to be a bunch of clumsy school boys playing a game that ended up with a cut on James’ forehead.  Jojo’s shrieks of “oh my God” and a sharp sequence of events led us all to believe the blood was brought about by Chad’s fist, but the actual event proved otherwise, and was a lot less dramatic than hoped for.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Why do #thebachelorette ‘s ‘most dramatic’ moments always fall flat? Erectile Dys guy needed!” quote=”Why do The Bachelorette’s ‘most dramatic’ moments always fall flat? Erectile dys guy needed!”]

So is Chad actually a bully and buffoon as the show would have everyone believe?  I think not.  Chad actually seems to be one of the more mature and real guys on the show.  Don’t freak out.  No hate mail please.  Just comment below. I can see that the majority of Tweets bash Chad for just being himself.  And yes, perhaps his conflict resolutions skills are far from skilled, but what we get is the RealChadJohnson and not the fake freaks that hold penises for a living.  Don’t even get me started on dick doctor Evan, who gripes about his $20 t-shirt and a lot of other less meaningful things.

You can’t help but wonder who the real bully is here.  Evan took it upon himself to go on stage and insinuate that Chad has impotence issues due to steroid use.  This from a guy that supposedly helps men deal with a difficult and sensitive health issue.  I’d say hard issue, but trying to avoid puns here.  As @Possessionista Dana Weiss tweeted, “If you or someone you know is being bullied by a boner doctor, call 1-800-get-hard.”

In the meantime Chad’s protein powder strewn like confetti around the room by these baby bachelors might hopefully make them a bit more real, or at least a bit more dramatic than The Bachelor previews would lead us to believe.  Hoping!

Prediction:  Erectile Dysfunction guy is going to become the next villain, if he doesn’t get dumped tonight.   Jordan turns out to be a dbag, and Jojo will be single in about 6 months.