Every yogi knows that Wheel Pose takes practice, and isn’t something we step into immediately, though once achieved there is a great sense of self-trust, openness and energy that lights up our life.

Urdhvadhanurasana in Hindi translates to Urdhav = Upward, Dhan = Wealth.  Therefore this pose is about the wealth of your being, while moving your body upwards and opening up your heart chakra.  Through Wheel Pose we listen to ourselves, trust ourselves, and move gradually into improvements in our yoga practice.

Urdhavadhanurasana Wheel Pose by Alissa Yoga

Photo: Alissa Yoga

Wheelpose is not for beginners, begin instead with a starter pose such as Bhujangasana or an intermediate pose such as Ustrasana.  Both poses help to increase spinal flexibility.

Urdhavadhanurasana Wheel Pose by Chelsea Wise

Photo: Chelsea Wise

Yogi Chelsea Wise approaches Urdhavadhanurasana with empowerment, “When I stepped on my mat yesterday my body quietly said, ‘no’.  I could tell it was trying to honor its cycles and rhythm, and I was not going to push just to be able to post a picture for a challenge. So today, when I stepped on my mat it said, ‘thank you’, and was willing to be completely present to open and unfold.”

 Urdhavadhanurasana Wheel Pose by Sarah Dharamraj-Stein

Photo: Sarah Dharamraj-Stein

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“It is important that we deeply listen to our bodies and what they have to tell us each day.  No day is alike.  Every time you step on your mat or come to your practice it is important you approach your body with no expectations of what it was yesterday.  Self-trust is the most important trust.  Cultivation of following inner knowing will yield a trust that you can build upon.”


As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.