Immersed in nature, on 12 acres of private land between the Pacific coast and the Sierra Madres is Haramara Retreat.  Surrounded by lush vegetation, this eco resort is the perfect place for a yoga retreat where you can truly unplug.  The pleasure of disconnecting with the world to reconnect with yourself is a sweet surprise that awaits at Haramara.


Haramara Retreat by Fabrice Florin

Photo: Fabrice Florin


On Nov 5th, Yoga Teacher Kathy Parsons will lead the Disconnect to Reconnect Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Mexico.  Kathy says, “This retreat is about you, and you choosing to do whatever will make you feel your best. There are activities and also excursions, but all is optional.”


The private beach at Haramara Retreat by Fabrice Florin

Photo: Fabrice Florin


The retreat is open to yogis of all levels and includes optional daily meditation on the beach at sunrise.  Vinyasa flow yoga will. “encourage students to connect their body, mind, and spirit through strengthening, lengthening and opening. The classes are set to inspiring music and incorporate a special savasana massage.” Says, Kathy.


Yoga at the yoga shala Haramara Retreat by Fabrice Florin

Photo: Fabrice Florin


Afternoon yoga sessions include yin and restorative yoga styles that help to balance our chakras and connect us to nature and to ourselves.


Open air cabanas at Haramara Retreat

Photo: Haramara Retreat


At Haramara disconnecting is easy.  The open air cabanas have no electricity, so you can indulge in daydreams and relaxed thought as the gauze curtains flow gently in the ocean breeze.  The sounds of birds and the easy sway of palm fronds connects you to the energy of nature, and thus to yourself.

[clickToTweet tweet=”@haramararetreat disconnecting is easy as you indulge in #yoga and daydreams on your #yogaretreat.” quote=”At Haramara Retreat disconnecting is easy as you indulge in yoga and daydreams on your yoga retreat.”]


yoga shala at Haramara Retreat by Fabrice Florin

Photo: Fabrice Florin


Two yoga pavilions at Hamarara provide spectacular views of the surrounding flora, the mountains, and the ocean.  Aptly named the Sunrise and Sunset Yoga Shalas for their locations on the expansive property, these beautiful spaces were hand-built with entirely natural local materials and allow the sounds of nature to permeate the fresh air.


The pool at Haramara Retreat

Photo: Haramara Retreat


Further indulgence awaits at the Haramara pool, perfect for lounging after a healthy, nutritious lunch prepared with local, organic ingredients.  The Disconnect to Reconnect Yoga Retreat from Kathy Parsons includes 3 beautiful vegetarian meals every day.

Connect with Yoga Teacher and Founder of Retreat Insider, Kathy Parsons, for additional information on pricing and inclusions, and to book your unforgettable week long yoga and wellness retreat experience.

Haramara Yoga Retreat in Mexico by Kathy Parsons

Photo: Kathy Parsons



Don’t miss out on this magical and idyllic place. A space that allows you to disconnect, so you can reconnect with yourself.