Legs Up the Wall pose or Viparitakarani is a calming and relaxing pose that allows time to reflect on your inner self, and balance your Throat Chakra, the energy centre of your voice and expression.


Legs Up a Wall to Balance Throat Chakra Christi Silbaugh for TryBelleMag.com

Day 14 – Legs Up a Wall for Throat Chakra

by Christi Silbaugh, Brit Labonte, and Alek Parkinson

Visuddha or Throat Chakra is linked to expressing and being our truth, taking responsibility for our own needs, decision making, personal authority, surrendering our will to the Divine trusting source, and our ability to manifest our creative impulses.

It’s function is related to communication and creativity.  The glands affected by the Throat Chakra are the Thyroid and Parathyroid.  Other parts of the body related to the fifth chakra are the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

When this chakra malfunctions, you can encounter physical problems such as sore throat, stiff neck, colds, thyroid problems, and hearing issues.

Sometimes we find it hard to decide whether honesty is the best policy, or if silence is golden.  For all the chatterboxes out there, be careful when observing your Throat Chakra, and pay attention to the words you are saying.

Is your voice true?  Are you words appropriate? Do they add something to the moment, or are they distracting you and the people around you from being present?

For those of you who are more reserved, are you holding back? Are you bottling up your feelings? Are you hindering yourself from personal growth by not being able to say the things that need to be spoken?

Legs Up a Wall Pose by Brit Labonte for TryBelleMag.com

Legs Up a Wall is the perfect pose for reflection, beneficial for those moments when you don’t know what to say, or when you are struggling for the right words.  This pose increases the blood flow in the upper body, nourishing it.  It has been reputed to be good for headaches, anxiety, stress, and stretches out the lower back and hamstrings.

And sometimes you don’t even need a wall.

Legs Up a Wall Pose by Tahnee Cattaneo for TryBelleMag.com

Legs Up a Wall Pose is great for balancing our Throat Chakra. Here’s the How To:

1) Sit sideways with your right side against the wall (left-handers can substitute right for left in these instructions)

2) Exhale and with one smooth movement, swing your legs up onto the wall and your shoulders and head lightly down onto the floor.

3) Your sitting bones don’t need to be right against the wall, but they should be close.

4) Lift and release the base of your skull away from the back of your neck, and soften your throat.

5) Don’t push your chin against your sternum, instead let your sternum lift toward your chin.

6) Open your shoulder blades away from the spine and release your hands and arms out to your sides, palms up.

7) Keep your legs firm, just enough to hold them vertically in place.

8) Release the heads of your thigh bones and the weight of your belly deeply into your torso, toward the back or your pelvis.

9) Soften your eyes and turn them to look into your heart.

10) Stay in this pose for anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes.

11) To release you can bend your knees, push your feet against the wall and gently roll over to one side.

12) Stay on your side for a few breaths and come to sitting with an exhalation.

Legs Up a Wall Relaxing Pose by Yogi.Bri for TryBelleMag.com

This is a great pose to do before bedtime.  Truly relaxing and calming.

As with any exercise program you must know yourself and understand your own health before attempting.



Photo Credits in order:

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Legs with a Friend:  Christi Silbaugh @momwhatsfordinner with friend Taylor Ann @Harmony527

Legs Up a Fence: Brit Labonte @Brit_Labonte

Legs Up on Nothing: Tahnee Cattaneo @406fitspiration

Legs Up a Wall Feeling Zen: Brianna @Yogi.Bri