Have you accidentally programmed your body to be fat for life?  That’s an incredibly scary thought, yet it may be true!  Remember back to a time when you made the decision to lose weight. Once motivated, I’m sure you did whatever you believed was necessary at the time to drop those ugly and unwanted pounds.

Did you go on a diet?
Did you start an exercise program?
Did you buy a weight loss product that promised amazing results?

Regardless of the path you chose, obviously your efforts were not fully rewarded since you’re reading my words right now.  Even the most effective actions for losing weight and improving health mean nothing, if you have unconsciously programmed your body to be fat for life.

What stopped you before and may continue to prevent you from achieving rapid and permanent fat loss results?
It definitely isn’t your body.  Instead, it’s your mind that orders your body to respond to its every command!

To actually achieve rapid and permanent fat loss results, it’s essential to install a new and positive program into your mind. Otherwise, your body will have no other choice but to follow the old and negative programming that has brought you disheartening fat loss results in the past that comes with a guarantee for failure in the future.
The following 11 questions will allow you to create and own your new body, instead of renting mediocre results, if any!


Changing your body means changing your mindset. How to. Image by Alan Cleaver

Photo: Alan Cleaver


Here is your goal for this assignment…
Take responsibility for the body you’ve created and increase your awareness about why you need to achieve rapid and permanent fat loss results, then make the decision to get started.  This is going to sound strange, but you need to trust me on this.

Create a private moment for yourself and strip off your clothes.  Yes! I mean it. Keep your underwear on, or get into a bathing suit and walk over to a mirror (ideally a full length one) and stand in front of it.  Ask yourself the following list of questions as you study your body.  For the record, this assignment is intense!  It needs to be in order for you to feel the tenacious drive to create a positive lifestyle transformation and as a result, an improved self-image and new-found happiness.

11 Questions to Help you Change your Mindset

Question 1: What is your immediate reaction when you stare at the body you’ve created? Make certain that you’re standing in a relaxed position and speak out the feelings that enter your mind.
Question 2: Do you believe that your inner health is being affected in a negative way when your body is living in this state? If so, how? Think of your heart, lungs and arteries, etc.
Question 3: How is the condition of your body affecting your everyday attitude, productivity and performance?
Question 4: How is the condition of your body affecting the people around you and the way they treat you?
Question 5: What has your physical condition cost you in the past and present? Think of your health, self-esteem and other areas that have been affected such as your family, relationships and career.
Question 6: Do you understand why you look and feel the way you do? What are some unhealthy habits that contributed towards that result? Think about inactivity and poor nutrition.
Question 7: Imagine how you will look and feel in 5 years from now if you continue to pick-up more unhealthy habits. How about 10 or 20 years?
Question 8: Describe your physical appearance right now after answering the first 7 questions. Are you smiling, frowning or sad? Yell it out with emotion!
Question 9: Do you know of anyone who is at least 5 years older than yourself and has a similar lifestyle as yours? Assuming that you’re both of the same gender and have a similar bone structure, answer the following questions:
In your opinion, how does that person look and feel?  Do you think that person is happy?  Are you going to allow yourself to look and feel a similar way as this person in the future?
Question 10: Are you worth more than what you see in the mirror?
Question 11: Are you ready to work towards rapid and permanent fat loss results?

If you answered “Yes” to the last question, then way to go!  On the other hand, if you answered “No”… don’t worry, you’re just not ready to commit to a new, healthy lifestyle for a healthier mind and body. Continue to live your life as happily as can be.

If you change your mind in the future, only then do I want you to continue on from here.  If you haven’t answered all of the previous questions, then I encourage you to go back and complete them.

Since you’ve now truly decided to work towards rapid and permanent fat loss results, understand that you’ve unlocked the magical door that’s at the beginning of your pathway to a heavenly body!

In this next step towards creating your new body that’s found here, you’re going to get excited and have fun as you set your goals using visualization.

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